Turkish eye protection bracelets

The complements of society have been something that in some way has influenced its evolution, for example, if we talk about an accessory such as a bracelet it is known that they have always been used as decorative elements today they exist in a slightly different way than It is used on the ankles, although they are commonly called “anklets.”

In the antiquity of the bracelet, it has been closely related to that of the ring, thanks to certain investigations large specimens have been found in mummies of Ancient Egypt. Until European prehistoric burials of the Bronze Age.

Bracelets and bracelets appeared in all civilizations since the Bronze Age. Gradually over time it has evolved in many ways, both aesthetically and in an apparel

At first it was just a simple spiral or a circular shape that adorned the arm, with the passage of time the Egyptians added other details such as more cylindrical shapes or rhinestones. After this civilizations like the Greeks or the Romans modified their old models being guided by ideas of “snakes on the arm” some of these used to adorn them with precious stones or medals.

Since its inception some ancient civilizations, if not all. They used the bracelets or bracelets on their wrists because they had a certain belief that metals were related to the gods and stars and that in this way they influenced their life cycles. In certain regions of the Hindu subcontinent some women used multiple accessories in many parts of their body, from their hair, ears, neck but took more into account the arms since they filled them completely with bracelets and bracelets.

Thanks to current technology, it has not only been possible to advance in the models in general in their aesthetics but also in their material, creating today elements such as gold, silver, emeralds, diamonds, rubies and much more.

Over the years, the beliefs of certain cultures have been emerging, and thanks to the impact they have on society. New models of perception or things arise day by day. Culture in general and clothing has always been closely related to beliefs. Something that we could highlight in this area was the creation of objects called “amulets” that thanks to diverse cultures or the support of society, have a certain impact on how people see things.

The evil eye is something that has been talked about all over the world, it is a belief strongly supported by the majority of society and is what says that when a person feels jealous or envious of another, through his eyes can cause problems or even misfortune in your life.

This belief was further reinforced in the last century, thanks to the fact that certain events were unleashed in Mexico that allowed this belief to expand throughout much of the world. Thus emerging clothing against the evil eye.

In the beginning people used a simple bracelet with a red thread on the left hand, since this according to popular belief was said to attract the eyes of the person who gave the curse and in this way it was more difficult to acquire the evil eye.


Many people with a great impact on society such as celebrities have been believers in this topic as extensive and mysterious, celebrities such as the late Michael Jackson, or others like Paulina Rubio or Britney Spear.

There are different models of this type of bracelets. Some better than others, thanks to its unique characteristics. And here we bring you some examples of it.


Bracelet against the evil eye: This bracelet still has a fundamental piece as it was the beginnings of this culture or belief. The red thread that forms its base, and thus has been complemented with something called Fatima’s hand. That in other occasions we have mentioned. Thanks to this, the bracelet has great relevance in the world community that wants it or needs it.

Mystic Jewels By Dalia Pulsera Clásico Ojo Turco de la Buene Suerte

Turkish eye bracelet: This bracelet could be said to be the most popular of all, since it is directly related to the battle against the evil eye and the bad vibes of people. It is normally presented in this blue color, which is said to make calm and the transformation of bad vibes into good ones. So it has been the most relevant in the world top sales of clothing related to this issue. It has been seen that it is commonly used by people and even parents who place their children from an early age as a custom to tradition or belief.

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